ConstructionInfrastructureSeptember 16, 2021

Collaboration is key

Over the next 10 years, the Australian government has committed to spending a record $110 billion on infrastructure as part of the National Economic Recovery Plan.

With a strategic focus on transport networks, the program will roll out across all states and territories, creating thousands of jobs and changing the way Australians get around. But while the budget and scope are undeniably impressive, the program also represents a commitment to a new way of working. This time, it’s all about collaboration; between government and operators, between the cities and the regions, and between the community and the industry.

Joint Forces

It might seem like an essential element of doing business, but collaboration is too often overlooked. “Building back better requires collective action from governments and industry, which combines both investment and reform,” says Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive Romilly Madew. “We have seen significant investment in the infrastructure sector since the start of the pandemic, but to drive the next phase of the national recovery, we need to pursue reforms that unlock the full benefits of stimulus spending.”

One of the most notable demographic side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the movement of people from cities to regional Australia as their jobs become more flexible. But rather than competing for this valuable population influx, collaboration could produce greater benefits for all involved. According to Infrastructure Australia, these potential growth paths should be shared. “We are trying to draw places together that have similar growth trajectories so they can learn and collaborate. It sounds pretty simple but it’s fundamentally not happening,” says chief of policy and research Peter Colacino. “This is quite different to the approach we often hear, which is around the need for regional economies to diversify.”


At Infrastructure People, we believe there’s room for collaboration at every point in the system. By identifying opportunities to partner with businesses out of their usual orbit or providing access to candidates they may not have been able to connect with, we’re facilitating collaboration that will strengthen the industry for years to come. It’s why we partner with companies like Carrabay, who are revolutionising the concrete construction industry with their unique full-service offering. “There is no ceiling for being problem solvers, so we are excited to collaborate with future core clients,” says CEO Brian Flannelly. “We are redefining the definition of ‘value add’ within the space we operate.”

By breaking down barriers and developing a genuinely collaborative approach, Infrastructure People is more than just a traditional resourcing partner: we’re an industry leader who believes in giving back.


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