Our Unique Approach

There have been significant changes in the construction landscape and when you add the skills shortage, the pressure on projects to meet their resourcing needs is unprecedented. At Infrastructure People, we are always looking at ways in how we can help drive our industry forward and we have redesigned how businesses can access talent and resourcing support.

Infrastructure People is simply an integrated recruitment partner that operates based on partnership principles, and that allows us to offer our clients a cost-effective model that guarantees candidate exclusivity, promotion of the clients’ employment brand and as a result we are always acting in the interests of our client.

Full Resource ManagementWhat this means for you:

Project & Organisational Resourcing Strategy

At Infrastructure People, we understand that it’s about hiring the right people who will contribute not just to their specific organisation but to the growth of the sector overall. We use our strategic capabilities to support our partners in creating a workforce that is comprehensively qualified to deliver on Australia’s multi-billion dollar future

Talent Acquisition

Successful talent acquisition is arguably one of the most important drivers of a business’s success and we work directly with our partners to help us understand company culture, candidate profiles to ensure that we are providing you with the resource or outcome that best suits your organisation.

Market Intelligence & Analysis

The real value of our business model is based on the combined experience level of 60+ years, with over 20 years in the delivery of recruitment across major projects. As Infrastructure People are currently involved in a number of major projects across Australia, we understand the dynamics of the project environment and uniquely positioned to provide critical intelligence to help secure contacts essential to business growth.

Tailored fast-tracked training to students and organisations

With new priority industries and new ways of working comes the need for agile companies and staff with up-to-date skill sets. We provide access to our registered training organisation, providing tailored fast-tracked training to students and organisations, which is critical to accelerating innovation, increasing productivity, and building a stronger culture for our partners’ workforces.

Brand building & business support

Not only are we dealing with an unprecedented shortage in skilled workers, but businesses are also navigating through a heavily candidate-driven job market. We provide access to our Marketing and Research team, who will play a pivotal role in helping build your brand in the candidate market, through a number of channels. The team will provide recommendations on brand strategy for your business to ensure organisational fit with company values, culture and vision.

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Years of combined recruitment experience
Major Infrastructure Projects
suitable candidates placed in roles

What we bring to the tableOur Capabilities

We understand how important it is to have the right people, in the right roles to ensure your business is equipped for success and we ensure that we provide you with the resource or outcome that best suits your organisation. We offer:

Build your workforce

Infrastructure People ensures our workforce becomes an extension of your own.

A flexible range of services including:

  • Project & Organisational Resourcing Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Market Intelligence & Analysis
Skilled Migration
Skilled Migration

Growth Partnerships

Infrastructure People can put resources in place to help you achieve your business goals.

On-demand services including:

  • Expert advice from our highly specialised Migration Partner
  • Tailored fast-tracked training with our RTO Partner
  • Brand Building & Business support
  • International recruitment

Our Expertise

The IP team have led recruitment infrastructure projects across Australia.

We bring with us:
Our vast database and networks
Awards and employment law knowledge
Industry / employee market intelligence
Experience with high volume recruitment drives
Large project experience

Flexible & Affordable

Infrastructure People offers a solution that breaks down the barriers of the antiquated recruitment model by ensuring our workforce becomes an extension of your own.

We offer support on a variety of both short and long term contracts at a fraction of the standard recruitment pricing. All contracts are based entirely around our client' needs.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you deliver your projects.