Reach your Growth Potential

We overcome business growth bottlenecks

Don’t let growing pains impede on your ambitious business plans. Infrastructure People has an experienced team of recruiters, marketers and analysts to help you build on your strengths.

Our experience delivering resourcing on infrastructure projects and in corporate environments means we understand the right people are the difference in delivering projects safely and profitably.

Tailored fast-tracked training to students and organisations

With new priority industries and new ways of working comes the need for agile companies and staff with up-to-date skill sets. And with the huge shortage of skilled workers across Australia in the infrastructure sector, it has never been more important for businesses to invest in the upskilling of their staff. That’s why we’ve partnered with Infrastructure Training, an Australian-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that’s dedicated to upskilling and planning for the future.

What this means for you:

Tailored training solutions

Infrastructure Training focuses on a holistic learning approach, a unique teaching capability that not just delivers off the shelf training but offers tailored solution and invests time in quality teaching to all students who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Employee Retention

By Investing in your employees and looking at ways to upskill your existing workforce, we can help you save money by retaining experienced staff.

Nationally Accredited Qualifications

Access to nationally accredited courses (high risk, machines, full qualifications, skill sets and single units of competency) throughout Australia, providing quality, best-practice training.

Fast-tracked Training Positions

Tailored fast-tracked training to students and organisations, which is critical to accelerating innovation, increasing productivity, and building a stronger culture for our partners’ workforces.

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How can this help my business?

Branding is often perceived as elements such as logos and colours and totally underestimated. Your business’ branding is more important than you might think, your brand is actually the entire identity of your business.

What are our capabilities?
An an increasingly competitive market, your brand will play a crucial role to ensure that you stand out. The Infrastructure People team will work with you to implement strategies to elevate your brand.
The team will provide recommendations on brand strategy for your business to ensure organisational fit with company values, culture and vision
The Infrastructure People team will support business growth and development through end-to-end project management and execution of marketing campaigns that represent your brand identity
On going support for any marketing, operations and administration requirements
How can this help my business?

To ensure that we are able to assist with all resourcing requirements across projects, Infrastructure People have partnered with a specialised contracting company EcoSearch to deliver casual workforce if and when needed. Much like Infrastructure People, Eco-Search operate on a relationship-based approach with a focus on a long term fit for both parties.

What are our capabilities?
At EcoSearch, their highest priority is to respond quickly with quality in accordance with client requirements
Incisive knowledge providing us with even broader insights on the market and current conditions
Preferential rates and speed to market



The core purpose of Elevate Performance is to bridge the gap between management and floor tradesman, and to assist companies in their growth and transformation efforts. By doing so, the company seeks to improve overall performance and efficiency within these businesses regardless of the size, whether it’s a small operation or a large one, the company aims to provide its services.

Offering sustainable growth to our clients is at the forefront of our model and with the addition of Elevate Performance Group we can offer a unique service that currently doesn’t exist in the market, providing innovative solutions, specialised consulting and advanced technologies to help companies achieve their growth and development goals, which compliments our resource solution.


With over 30 years of combined experience in providing migration advice and support to individuals, families and businesses, Total Visa create a tailor made service – because every situation and individual is unique.

When it comes to immigration law, the process for applying and qualifying for a visa in Australia can be complicated. Because our country’s laws and procedures are always changing, attempting to apply for a visa by yourself can be a challenging, stressful and expensive task.

Total Visa is a dedicated team of migration agents and lawyers who are passionate about people, immigration and successful outcomes. Immigration law is regularly changing and evolving, particularly with temporary and permanent employer sponsored visas. These changes often mean that immigration law can be a difficult process to navigate without expert, up-to-date and strategic advice.

Our Expertise

The IP team have led recruitment infrastructure projects across Australia.

We bring with us:
Our vast database and networks
Awards and employment law knowledge
Industry / employee market intelligence
Experience with high volume recruitment drives
Large project experience

Flexible & Affordable

Infrastructure People offers a solution that breaks down the barriers of the antiquated recruitment model by ensuring our workforce becomes an extension of your own.

We offer support on a variety of both short and long term contracts at a fraction of the standard recruitment pricing. All contracts are based entirely around our client' needs.

Sounds like a plan.

The IP team have led recruitment infrastructure projects across Australia.