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Infrastructure People Celebrating 1 year

Co-Founders Robert Clowes and Robert Reeves reflect on our first 12 months supporting the construction and infrastructure industry with a business model that breaks down the barriers of traditional recruitment companies, and what the next year has in store.

Infrastructure People’s co-Founders Robert Clowes and Robert Reeves reflect on our first 12 months supporting the construction and infrastructure industry with a business model that breaks down the barriers of traditional recruitment companies, and what the next year has in store.

Where it all started

We understand how important it is to have the right people, in the right roles to ensure that businesses are equipped for success. However, we have seen firsthand how businesses can struggle to access the desired level of talent due to the high agency fees that the traditional recruitment model tends to attract. There has been no real evolvement in the recruitment industry over the last 20 years and for this reason we identified a capability gap of internal recruitment functions, but also the extensive agency costs that come with contingency recruitment.

Our internal experience led us down a different path that allows a cost-effective model but a far more value-added outcome, giving our clients access to a service that enabled us to provide them the best recruitment experience on the market that was sustainable and built on solid relationships.


What makes Infrastructure People unique?

We are redesigning how businesses can access talent and resourcing support. Infrastructure People is simply an integrated recruitment partner that operates based on partnership principles, and that allows us to offer our clients a cost-effective model that guarantees candidate exclusivity, promotion of the clients’ employment brand and as a result we are always acting in the interests of our client.

The real value of our business model is based on the combined experience level of 60+ years, with over 20 years in the delivery of recruitment across major projects.

Robert Clowes has extensive external recruitment experience and Robert Reeves brings a wealth of internal recruitment experience, which means we are uniquely positioned in a way that this gives us a network far greater than our peers, but most importantly means that we understand the dynamics of the project environment and that allows us to advise on key recruitment risks, strategies for key project functions and recruitment best practice.

Our tailored partnership packages include:

  • Access to our staff daily and the option to use our services on however many days you require per week
  • We supplement your workforce working with you to attain the best result
  • Access to our vast networks and industry knowledge
  • Working directly with our clients helps us understand company culture, candidate profiles and secures loyalty
  • Innovative recruitment strategies based on the scope and requirements of each individual partner


What have been the key highlights for Infrastructure People in the first year?

Key highlights over the first year have been bringing to life an idea that we believed would truly break boundaries in a competitive industry and in turn seeing it being received so well.

We pride ourselves being experts in our field and we are truly passionate about making change within the recruitment industry. Our clients understand that partnerships are at the forefront of what we do, and we have seen Infrastructure People becoming key to our clients’ work forces. All partners have been retained, with several negotiating 12-month contracts.


Infrastructure People
Infrastructure People


We have managed to grow quickly with our model and in the last months have since opened up in the main construction hubs of Victoria and Western Australia. Our team is made up of some of Australia’s most experienced infrastructure recruiters, supported by a specialised team of marketing & employee analysis managers and we are very proud of the team we have built in this time.


What’s next for Infrastructure People?

As we move into our second year we are always looking at ways in how we can help drive our industry forward. The COVID-19 pandemic brought an abrupt end to Australia’s almost 30 years of economic growth and we look forward to being part of an industry that will play an integral role in the economic recovery of Australia. The demand for trade skilled workers in construction and infrastructure will be higher than ever and some of our many plans to help tackle this include:

  • A dedicated platform for under graduates
  • International recruitment strategies
  • Deliver casual workforce with a partnering contracting company to ensure that we are able to assist with all resourcing requirements across projects
  • Breaking into different sectors now giving other industries access to our unique offering


How can Infrastructure People play an integral part for businesses across the infrastructure and construction industry?

There have been significant changes in the construction landscape and when you add the skills shortage, the pressure on projects to meet their resourcing needs is unprecedented. This will impact the industry for many years to come. Businesses need to respect the value of retention and Infrastructure People will provide a key advisory role to its’ clients on how to maximise their retention capabilities. Attraction is only a small part of the process.

If you’re interested in hearing more on what Infrastructure People can do for your business, please get in touch with the team today.


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