ConstructionApril 9, 2024

IP Interview: ISD Solutions Australia

Where it all started?

ISD Australia started trading in 2016 when two experienced personnel Jason Carter (Contracts Director) and Carl Moon (Commercial Director) moved with their families from the UK, where they were employed by ISD Solutions, the UK’s largest coldstore design and installation company, to Melbourne to build the largest single envelope freezer.

Eight years later ISD Australia have completed many major projects and established a reputation for their knowledge, experience and quality.

What makes ISD unique?

Jason and Carl have put their 34 years combined experience gained from working in the UK and now 16 years collectively working in Australia to set high standards for delivering projects.

As well as a knowledge of their industry the Company has a strong culture of openness and integrity that values everyone’s contribution. Jason, Carl and the team want to do the right job for the client and have turned work away if they can’t do the job right. Our reputation is important and personal.

Being able to call on the technical and business experience of its parent company is another strength.

How can ISD play an integral part for businesses across the industry?

ISD operate in an industry responsible for the safe storage and distribution of perishable products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and horticulture products. As such we are part of the country’s critical infrastructure.

The industry we serve either through storage or logistics are consumers of energy and ISD believe we can play a growing role in helping clients reduce energy consumption (see Trilogy series) and with sustainability more broadly playing an increasingly important role as part of ISD’s commitment to embedding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles throughout the business.

What’s next for ISD?

The prospects created for ISD Australia over the next few years are testament to the hard work and a commitment to high standards. Managing the potential growth will be key and getting the right people on board essential. This will inevitably lead to more opportunities with established and new clients as they look to work with people and companies they can trust.