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Essential Mining Solutions & Infrastructure People

The IP Marketing Team spoke with Chris Stavros, the founder of Essential Mining Solutions, to explore how they elevate the delivery of superior mining services.

The IP Marketing Team spoke with Chris Stavros, the founder of Essential Mining Solutions, to explore how they elevate the delivery of superior mining services.

Where it all started for Essential Mining Solutions?

Essential Mining Solutions is a family-owned Australian business in NSW and Hunter Valley coal mines. In 2014, they believed they could provide a better service within the mining sector. They provide specialised labour that is fully capable of supporting mining projects from planning through execution and completion.

Their business has grown to 30 employees, with Russell Jones and Harriet Elston from Infrastructure helping to source a handful of those employees.


What makes Essential Mining Solutions Unique?

Essential Mining Solutions places a strong emphasis on delivering top-performing teams to their clients, a testament to their prioritisation of safety. They’ve also expanded to include civil work, central plant repairs, and subdivisions, all aimed at enhancing the quality of their work and project timelines.

This expansion has resulted in higher-quality projects, improved availability, and enhanced service delivery, all underscored by numerous statistics and instances highlighting our commitment to safety.


How can Essential Mining Solutions play an integral part for a business across the industry?

With over 15 years experience in the coal industry our proactive ability to carry out performance enhancing, and preventative maintenance tasks has been utilised across many sites. Our involvement in plant maintenance has resulted in increased availability, decreased MTBF and a decrease in reportable mechanical and electrical incidents.

Services Include:

  • Mining Equipment Repairs & Servicing
  • Civil Equipment Repairs & Servicing
  • Onsite Vehicle Repairs & Servicing
  • Truck Breakdown Repairs & Maintenance
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Machine Rebuilds
  • Hydraulic Service & Repairs
  • Heavy Machinery Service & Repairs
  • Construction Equipment Repairs
  • Component Rebuilds and Exchange
  • Mine Spec Plant Equipment
  • Mine Spec Vehicles
  • Light Vehicles Accessory Fit-Outs
  • Light Vehicle Service and Repair


  • Open Mining Cutting
  • Underground Mining
  • Plant Mechanics
  • Auto & HV Electricians
  • Boilermakers
  • Light Vehicle Mechanics
  • Field Service
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • Shutdown Teams


What’s next for Essential Mining Solutions?

A focus on expansion, both geographically and in terms of clientele. They aim to explore new regions within New South Wales such as Mudgee, reaching out to more customers who can benefit from our services, along with plans to further their presence in the Hunter region, aligning with the region’s mining potential.

Additionally, their collaboration with Theiss through the Rebuild Program, involves various essential tasks like maintenance change-outs, preventive maintenance activities, and efficiently managing shutdown tasks.


If you’d like to learn more about the services Essential Mining Services can offer your business, reach out to their team or our consultants today!




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